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POTUS left the home and crossed the street to talk to about 20 people in a driveway. The pool was just far enough away to be unable to make out more than a few snippets of what appeared to be small talk: one comment about the weather (which is unusually mild with melting snow) and a greeting to one of the half dozen or so young children. Turning to the little girl, dressed in a pink hat and pink coat, “what’s your name all pretty in pink.”

Down the street, someone in the small crowd shouted ‘We love obama” and “best president ever.” After a few minutes POTUS posed for a couple of photos in the driveway and around 3:32 pm CST (and 4:32 pm EST) the motorcade left.

On the way to the highway, the motorcade passed a person with a poll and a cardboard taped to it that in black letters read: Trump

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