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Shortly after honoring teachers of the year in a Rose Garden ceremony, POTUS took a short stroll through Washington.

At noon, under a cloudless blue sky and 72 degree temperatures, POTUS walked out of the White House northwest gate. By his side was 2015 National Teacher of the Year Shana Peeples of Amarillo, Texas. POTUS was wearing a black tie and white shirt but no jacket.

POTUS and Peeples walked across Jackson Place and up the street to H Street, stopping at Teaism, an Asian-inspired tea house just across the street from Lafayette Park.

A few people sitting at outside tables waved as POTUS walked by.

"Good to see you," POTUS told the onlookers. "I'm taking a walk. It's a beautiful day."

At 12:05 pm, POTUS and Peeples walked into the shop. Pool was not allowed to accompany them inside.

Seven minutes later,  at 12:12 pm, they emerged from the shop. POTUS was carrying a brown paper shopping bag and plastic cup filled with a liquid that appeared to be tea.

They headed back down Jackson Place and walked through the White House gate at 12:16 pm.

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