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More from POTUS address to the Chief of Missions conference and ambassadors gathered inside a partially-filled Dean Acheson auditorium.

POTUS was accompanied by National Security Adviser Susan Rice and Sr, Adviser Brian Deese in the motorcade, as seen upon return to White House following address.

Back to the speech:

POTUS referenced his upcoming trip to Cuba, saying: "Next week I look forward to being the first U.S. president to visit Cuba (in nearly) 90 years without a battleship accompanying me." The ambassadors laughed.

He said he is committed  to using "every minute I have left in this office" to making progress and the world safer.

The first and foremost priority, he told the audience, is to keep the nation safe.

POTUS said the group must focus on fighting terrorism, ISIL and preventing flow of foreign terrorist fighters and to keep pushing on the diplomatic front.

He earned applause when he said they must finally close the Guantanamo Bay detention center.

POTUS also listed preventing epidemics through a global health security agenda as a priority; food security and eradicating malaria. POTUS also said global leaders must continue their work promoting free and fair elections worldwide.

"I"m confident we can make significant progress in these next 10 months," he said, adding that while some have called him a "lame duck," they've still "gotten a lot done."

POTUS ended his roughly 20 minute address  by discussing the high honor ambassadors have to serve the country "at these challenging times."

"What an incredible honor. What an incentive for us to make sure that we squeeze every last little bit of good."

A mobile phone rang during his address -- your pooler could not see who forgot to turn off their ringer -- which POTUS handled by quipping: "Someone is calling right now to see if we've got the answer to some problem."

Room packed with diplomats and state department aides, including:

Ambassador Caroline Kennedy, who stood at the back of the room.

Patrick Gaspard, Ambassador to South Africa

Gayle Smith, head of USAID

Jane Hartley, Ambassador to France

Heather Higginbottom, U.S. Deputy Secretary of State for Management and Resources


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