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The president and the First Lady entered the East Room at about 5:35 PM to raucous applause.

Gathered were well over 100 people (not official headcount) who watched from short risers in front of a small orchestra. Your pooler has requested additional detail on the folks granted entry to the event.

The Vice President and wife Jill Biden are seated in the front of the audience with the Obamas. The crowd cooed and whipped out their mobile phones as the VP entered the room before POTUS at around 5:25 PM. The VP shook multiple eager hands as he walked to his seat.

FLOTUS mama Marian Robinson is also in attendance. Others of note, though by no means is this list comprehensive:

Valerie Jarrett, senior adviser

Cecilia Munoz, chair of domestic policy council

Tina Tchen, the first lady's chief of staff

The president's began by joking "this was one hot ticket" and that when he saw Hamilton on Broadway, he spoke onstage but didn't actually see the performance.

"I'm feeling a little deprived," he joked.

Miranda, who wore a bright blue blazer, and his cast sat stage left of the President during his early remarks.

"The truth is though, they do owe me," the president continued. He noted that Hamilton composer Lin-Manuel Miranda performed an early version of the song "Alexander Hamilton" at the White House back in 2009 and went on to compose the remainder of what would become an award-winning musical.

The president says that during the 2009 performance, he and others laughed when Miranda told him the idea for the show. "Who is laughing now?"

The president also took note of the location of the performance - the same as 2009 -- and said: "Not to take credit or anything, but this is definitely the room where it happened."

The president said the musical "turned musical haters into die hard fans" and that he's "pretty sure" it's the "only thing Dick Cheney and I agree on."

President Obama quickly turned the discussion of Hamilton's rise from humble immigrant beginnings to becoming a founding father as a quintessential American story, saying "in this we recognize the improbable story of America."

Other remarks:

The show "is not just for people who can score a ticket to a pricey Broadway show," the president said, adding that it's a show for "all of us."

The president also said he hopes the show helps teachers make the Federalist papers more teenage friendly.

Following his remarks, the cast performed "Alexander Hamilton." The president bobbed his head along with the musical, as did the First Lady and many members of the audience.

The Vice President watched intently, but with little head movement.

Press was escorted out immediately following the first number.


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