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After his speech at Adas Israel, Obama made an unannounced visit to a downstairs classroom of pre-schoolers singing Shabbat Shalom. There were 11 of them by this poolster’s count, plus about four or five teachers.

Obama arrived after the pool took up positions. “Hello Everybody! How you doing?”

POTUS joined in the song, then bent down to talk to one of the kids, who said he was two-years old.

One boy approached the president with a black and white photo of what appeared to be Obama. “Who’s that?” the president asked. “It’s so nice to see you.”

“They look like a pretty well-behaved group, before nap time, anyway,” POTUS added.

He referred to the pool as “my crew” and suggested a group photo with the kids. “C’mon guys, let’s take a picture.”

POTUS crouched down with the children and smiled. “Say Cheese!” he said.

The whole encounter lasted about 10 minutes. The kids looked almost as delighted as their teachers.

A lunch lid has been called until 2 p.m.

Kevin Diaz

Houston Chronicle/Hearst



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