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Pool was escorted at 5:03 pm into the South Court Auditorium, where POTUS addressed an audience of criminal justice activists, state and local elected officials and community leaders gathered for a screening of “Fixing the System,” an upcoming special documentary by VICE Media on criminal justice reform. The documentary features POTUS’ visit in July to the El Reno Federal Correctional Institution in Oklahoma. It will air Sept. 27 on HBO.

A quick head count by your pooler indicated the crowd estimate was roughly 125. Spotted in the crowd: Former Attorney General Eric Holder, Sen. Cory Booker of New Jersey, Rep. Frederica Wilson of Florida and actor Tim Robbins.

POTUS was introduced by Angie Martinez, a New York radio personality whom the White House says served as the moderator for today’s event.

POTUS began his remarks at 5:36 p.m.

A transcript is forthcoming, but here are a few highlights:

--POTUS recalled his visit to El Reno and said some of the inmates at the prison aren’t all that different than he was as a young man.

“I made mistakes when I was young,” he said.

“People in these prisons are deserving of our attention,” he said.

--POTUS stressed the need for criminal justice system reform. He said we need a criminal justice system that keeps people safe and in which there is respect for the job that police officers must do. But, he said, the system also must be fair and just. Too often, he said, the punishment handed down to individuals does not fit their crime.

POTUS finished his remarks at 5:48 pm

As usual, check quotes against the official transcript.

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