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Pool allowed into oval at 12:03
-VP Biden spotted on sidelines of meeting

Obama sat on Stoltenberg's right.
Both are marking 67th anniversary of NATO alliance.
Obama says The Brussels attacks reinforced the importance of staying focused on Isil and countering terrorism in Europe.
He thanked NATO for Training troops in Iraq
Obama noted that NATO is working with Eu to keep migrants from fleeing in dangerous ways to turkey and Greece
He said they Talked about their joint effort in Afghanistan "building up the ansf and pushing back against Taliban"
"We are grateful for the sacrifices that NATO troops have made."

He said NATO and US are United in supporting Ukraine in wake of Russian incursions into Ukraine and "will help Ukraine defensively "
He also discussed his budget request of $3.4 billion to add an additional US army brigade in Eastern Europe.
To let NATO allies "know article 5 means something and let them know we stand by commitment to our allies"
Obama also reassured:
"NATO is consulting with Russia to "reduce tensions and potential escalation."

Sg Stoltenberg
Advocated for the NATO alliance:
"It's as important as ever because it had been able to adapt to a more dangerous road. "

He said: "We stand together in fight against terrorism from Brussels to San Bernardino."
We all contribute to counter Isil
We train Iraq soldiers
He agreed that they
addressed migrant crisis in Europe
NATO seeks help in Europe Greece and turkey to handle Aegean Sea. "We have deployed ships there"
On Afghanistan--
"Afghanistan is our biggest military operation ever." This Shows importance of unity. Because our military response is direct response to 9/11 and we have fought alongside the US for many years."

The Secretary General Welcomed the European Reinforcement initiative( the us army brigade)

On NATO's budget issues:
"We are now working on the Biggest reinforcement of collective defense  since end of Cold War. "

Pool was Ushered out at 12:15

Stoltenberg meets with the US President on the 67th anniversary of NATO's founding at a time when the 27 member alliance is looking to adjust to a changing strategic environment, and when NATO has become a talking point in the US presidential eleciton.
The US President just requested $3.4 billion in the 2017 budget - to place an additional brigade of 4200 US soldiers in Eastern Europe next February
The migration crisis and recent terror attacks have underscored the need for more military funding for NATO as well as the possibility to leverage the alliance to more closely coordinate efforts between members.

Jessica Stone
White House Correspondent
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