FW: The pool for the Second Lady's visit

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The pool was escorted into the office of e-commerce company VinEcom a little after 3 p.m. Monday 20 July 2015, Vietnam time. Jill Biden was flanked by US ambassador to Vietnam Ted Osius, US ambassador at large for global women's issues Cathy Russell, USAID senior adviser for international education Christie Vilsack, and principal deputy assistant secretary Scot Marciel (as identified by the State Department). Biden wore a white-and-green striped dress. VinEcom CEO Le Hoang Uyen Vy gave the group a tour, past a rainbow of bean bag chairs, a lifesize figure of Steve Jobs, and an open workroom of roughly 100 VinEcom staff at their computers.

A consular official said VinEcom was chosen because it is a major Vietnamese tech startup. Walking past mannequins and clothes racks, Vy brought the group to a photo shoot, explaining how photographers shoot pictures of models in VinEcom products, and then showing how the photos are uploaded to an editing program before being published on the online shopping site.

At 3:28 p.m., Biden gave a statement to the press:

"One of the reasons for our visit today is to lift up women and girls in areas of education and entrepreneurship. And actually this company is the perfect example. And Vy told me that 80 percent of her -- [aside to Vy: your board?] -- of directors are women. And this is what we love to see. More women getting into the workplace and Vy is just a really wonderful example of that. So thank you for coming."

She took no questions.

She had just flown in from Hanoi this afternoon, before which Biden was in South Korea. Next she'll go to Laos and Japan.

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