Fw: Travel Pool 1/fundraisers

From: Nakamura, David [mailto:xxx@email.com]
Sent: Thursday, February 11, 2016 10:18 AM
To: Allen, Jessica; Gabriel, Brian
Subject: Travel Pool 1/fundraisers

Good morning from sunny San Jose, where the pool is on the move at 10:16 a.m. PST to start a full Thursday for Potus of four Democratic fundraisers in NoCal and SoCal and a taping of the Ellen Degeneres  show. Your pool did not get a glimpse of Potus entering the motorcade.

Obama will start at a DSCC fundraiser in Palo Alto, Calif. A DSCC official said tickets for the event are $33,400, but the official declined to disclose the identity of the hot. The official said this is the fifth event Potus has done for the DSCC in the 2016 cycle. The Vice President has also done six events for the DSCC.

After that, Obama will attend a DNC brunch reception in Atherton, California with approximately 450 supporters contributing up to the FEC limit of $33,400 at the home of Steve & Anita Westly.

In the afternoon, Obama will attend two DNC events in Los Angeles.

The first is a reception at the home of Aaron Rosenberg and Danny Rose with approximately 340 supporters and a special performance by John Legend.

The second is a dinner at the home of Sam and Leah Fischer with approximately 60 supporters.


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