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Travel Pool Report 11
May 8

More from the gaggle, courtesy of co-pooler Mike Memoli

Asked about AFL-CIO's contention that Nike's expansion shouldn't be contingent on a trade deal, Schultz said he wouldn't comment on Nike's business modeling. "I think Nike’s commitment here is symbolic of what many other businesses, both small and large as you’ve heard both today and in recent weeks have said would mean for their businesses, and that means greater exports, again, for companies as large as Nike or as small as the winemakers in the northwest here. So we believe that this is good for America’s workers, good for American jobs."

Are other Democrats coming on board, as Rep. Bonamici did this week? Schultz deferred to the Hill for a whip count. But he reiterated that the president is engaged in “both one-on-one conversations and also making a pitch on a broader scale” with events like today’s, and interviews and roundtables. Other administration officials are also making the place. “The TPA bill that was introduced is the boldest, had the most progressive human rights, labor and environmental protections that we’ve ever seen.”

Asked if he’s talking about Elizabeth Warren when he says his Democratic friends are just wrong on the issue, Schultz said he’s “not going to name names.” The president is the first to admit that trade is a challenging issue for the party, Schultz said. “Given the history of past trade deals not living up to the hype, that it’s been difficult to navigate this. But I think that is why the president redoubled his efforts to make sure that this was the most progressive trade deal we’ve ever seen.”

He wouldn’t comment on Politico’s report that included comments from administration officials critical of Warren.

“I think the president has addressed the arguments made by the opponents of this deal head-on, been very candid about what he thinks.”

Schultz was also asked about a seeming contradiction in the White House message, from saying TPP would help open markets to U.S. goods to today highlighting how lower tariffs on goods imported to the U.S. would help Nike expand its workforce. “I think you’re getting at the multifaceted benefits of what this trade deal would mean for America’s workers. You are correct that 95%  of the world’s marketplace are outside U.S. borders. It’s incumbent on the president and the leaders of this country to make sure those marketplaces are open to U.S. companies. It’s also worth noting that our exports support 11 million good American paying jobs. We know that companies that export pay higher wages than those that don’t. so when Nike, as they did at their announcement, attests to the fact that lower tariffs, which is part of the trade agreement that we’re seeking, helps them build manufacturing back here at home, we think that’s a good thing worth lifting up.”

Schultz said he didn’t have additional travel to chart out when asked when POTUS will visit all the territories now that he’s about to visit his 50th state as president.

Schultz also said, when asked if the White House would look into Secretary Clinton’s compliance with the memorandum of understanding on Clinton Foundation fundraising, that he hadn’t heard anything about that and that responsibility for enforcement of the memorandum was the State Departments.

Week ahead:
Monday: Remarks at an event bringing together emerging entrepreneurs from around the world to highlight solutions to poverty, climate change, extremism and access to education and health care. It’s tied to his visit to Africa in July.
Tuesday: Poverty event at Georgetown
Wednesday: Meeting with Saudi King at the White House, welcome to GCC leaders.
Thursday: GCC meeting at Camp David
Friday: Remarks at National Peace Officers Memorial Service

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