Fw: Travel pool #13/final fundraiser

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Subject: Travel pool #13/final fundraiser

Motorcade arrived at the final DNC event not far from the previous one, in another picture-perfect neighborhood with manicured lawns and towering palm trees. The pool held in vans for about 20 minute before being led into a wood-paneled den in the home of Sam and Leah Fischer. Guests were seated at six dining tables, about 10-11 guests at each. Valerie Jarrett sat at one table, and David Simas stood on the side of the room.

Potus entered and joked that he's been to a lot of SoCal homes but this one he would like to buy. "Sold," a woman quipped.

The president appeared tired and told his audience he would make brief remarks, then open up to quetions.

Final fundraiser. He recited most of the same points he had made earlier in the day, noting some of the achievements of his administration.

"The country is indisputable better off than it was. We have moved the needle forward, and the question now is how do we sustain that?" he said.

He pressed the group to feel urgency around the election and help ensure that Democrats retake the Senate and move closer to taking the House, and to make sure "we have a Democratic president."

He repeated what he had said earlier in the day that it was a " volatile time" and that "people are anxious."

Pool was led out after less than 10 minutes as Potus prepare to field questions.

We are now holding in vans.


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