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highlights of the press gaggle on board air force one below. The plane touched down in Newark, New Jersey just before 120 pm.

On Cristie’s morning show comments hammering Obama on not being supportive of police and taking credit for local law enforcement efforts:

“I’ve noted before that Gov. Christie’s comments on this regard have been particularly irresponsible, but not surprising for somebody who’s poll numbers are closer to an astrix than they are double digits. Clearly this is part of his strategy to turn this around. We’ll see how that works out.

Does Christie deserve credit for successes in new jersey?

“If he were interested in talking about that record” he could be but he hasn’t, “which leads me to believe that his record in this record and not sterling”

Earnest congratulated Turkey for the elections and look forward to working with new government, but said they are “Deeply concerned that media outlets and individual journalists critical of the government were subject to pressure and intimidation during the campaign, seemingly in a manner calculated to weaken political opposition.”

“We’ve both raised our concerns publicly and privately about freedom of speech, freedom of the press and freedom of assembly in Turkey.”

Asked about the Russian airplane that crashed in Egypt, Earnest offered “our condolences to the Russian people, including those that lost loved ones … it’s obviously a tragic incident.”

He said while the administration is “also aware of claims of responsibility by extremists … rather than speculating ..;. we’re going to let the investigation move forward,” and that it is up to the FAA to determine whether U.S. airlines should not fly over the region.

Earnest also said the United States has offered support for the investigation” but no resources dedicated yet. But it is an “open offer.”

Earnest said he did not know when the administration will release TPP text, but said he was not aware of any problem that is holding up the public unveiling of the trade pact. “It’s just been an arduous task,” Earnest said, noting the document was being translated into several languages.

Asked about Speaker Paul Ryan’s comments over the weekend that he would not bring up comprehensive immigration reform during the remainder of Obama’s tenure because the president could not be trusted, Earnest said he noted the remarks “with a healthy sense of irony that apparently is not shared on the other side of the aisle” because Ryan had helped on the last effort on CIR in 2013 only to help block the bill after the Senate passed it.

“It’s particularly ironic for Speaker Ryan to make that claim when Speaker Ryan himself was instrumental in putting together the agreement and blocking its consideration even though he knew it would have passed,” Earnest said.

(it was pointed out that Ryan was referring to Obama’s executive actions) “He’s welcome to disagree with that. But it’s hard for him to make the claim the president hasn’t acted in good faith on immigration when Speaker Ryan actively thwarted a compromise he himself helped to broker. For him to come back and claim it’s somebody else’s fault? It’s preposterous.”

Still, Earnest cited areas of criminal justice reform and the TPP trade pact as areas where the White House is hopeful of working with the Ryan-led House over the rest of Obama’s term.

(on the Canadian election and the Keystone XL oil pipeline) Earnest said the president intends to make a long-awaited decision on the pipeline before the end of his tenure but did not say when that decision might happen.


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