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Travel pool #2/gaggle

Eric Schultz gaggled for 20 minutes, covering the strike in Yemen, latest revelations about Trump, why he’s stumping in Ohio. Wells Fargo. Air Force One touched down in Pittsburgh at 1:20pm, shortly after the gaggle ended. Check transcript. Deplaned at 1:28.

Yemen: “We are prepared to respond if necessary to any future missile launches…. This is not any engagement in the sectarian situation on the ground in Yemen.

Trump: “I don’t have a specific reaction for you about the reports of – all of the reports of – sexual assault allegedly perpetrated by the Republican nominee for president.”

Schultz said that the president’s opposition to Trump is based on policy and temperament concerns “that has not just become evident over the last 24 hours, but has become evident in a long series of views and statements that we’ve seen from Donald Trump and the president’s belief that Donald Trump should not be president is a view that will likely be reflected in tonight’s remarks”

Couldn’t say if the president had read latest reports

Asked about Donald Trump potentially firing back at the president as he makes attacks:

“The president’s going to out there making the affirmative case for why Secretary Clinton’s uniquely qualified to be the next president of the United States … he also believes she’s running against someone who’s unfit for office. The president’s going to make that case no matter what threats are thrown at him by the Republican nominee.”

Asked about Trump potentially firing back at the first lady:

“I can’t think of a bolder way for Donald Trump to lose even more standing than he already has than by engaging the first lady of the United States”

He also described the president’s many reasons for stumping for Clinton and against Trump. More of that expected tonight and tomorrow.

“The president does that there’s a lot at stake in this election and the contrast could not be clearer. We have one nominee who as the president has said doesn’t have much of an agnda other than to reverse the progress that’s been made the last eight year,” he said.

Other tidbits:

US is pleased that more girls have been released in Nigeria. No comment on a report there’s a meeting Friday to discuss military options in Syria, but notes that SecState Kerry is heading to Switzerland for meetings this weekend; president still believes there is no military solution, only a diplomatic solution in Syria.

No direct comment on resignation of Wells Fargo CEO but says the bank’s situation points up the need for the CFPB and thorough regulation overall…

Ohio: “There’s a lot at stake in this race in 2016…. He also bleives that there’s a lot at stake in the down ballot races. .. Ted Strickland is someone the president knows well. He’s been a tireless advocate for the working people of Ohio…

Thanks tons to co-poolers Edward-Isaac Dovere and Andrew Beatty.

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