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Pool entered Potus bilat with Singapore PM Lee Hsien along at 2:55 pm, in a small wood paneled conference room. Susan Rice, Danny Russel, Josh Earnest and Dan Kritenbrink were among the six member US delegation with Potus.
Potus remarked: "Our bilateral relationship is very, very strong"
"People around the world admire the progress Singapore has made for its people... Though Singapore does not have a lot of people it punches above its weight."
"We expressed concern about the work we need to do to counter ISIL." They also talked about the South China Sea and the imports of upholding the basic principles and norms that have underwritten prosperity in this region."
Lee also gave brief remarks. Pool was in room less that five minutes, then we left. Motorcade then departed for Ritz for news conference which is open press.
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