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Obama worked the viewing pen for a couple of minutes. Motorcade rolling from Pittsburgh airport at 1:35.

More from Schulz gaggle on Yemen decision

"These strikes were recommended by the Secretary of Defense and the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs General Dunford, but they were indeed authorized by the president. These were ordered in response to the missile launches threatening the USS Mason."

"The intent of our strikes were to deter future attacks and to reduce the risk to US and other vessels. We are prepared to respond if necessary to any future missile launches."

He said this was not the US stepping up its military role, it was a "purely self-defense action."

He refused to speculate on reports that Iranian ships are heading to the theatre.

Schultz reiterated the main points of the POTUS statement on the death of Thailand's king.

Asked if POTUS had plans to attend the funeral, Schultz said "I don't believe that they have released any details about a service yet, so once they do we will be in a better position to respond with our plans.

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