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La Crosse, Wisconsin
July 2, 2015

Eric Schultz gaggled on the flight:

Most questions were about the trip but a few others as well:

POTUS will talk about his overtime plan in his speech as well as other
proposals, including the need to raise the minimum wage and access to
paid leave.

"The President is not going to shy away from making contrasts with the
steps Republicans want to take."

Governor Scott Walker was invited to meet POTUS on the tarmac. "That's
fairly routine."

Schultz did not say if there was a particular reason for traveling to
La Crosse or Wisconsin for this event.

He said POTUS has singled out Republicans before but declined to say
whether POTUS would mention Walker by name at the speech.

"The argument the President is going to make today is an argument he
has made in all 50 states."

"Wisconsin has a long proud history of labor."

Is this a 2016 issue?

"The President is very much focused on the last 18 months he has in office."

On the jobs numbers:

In response to a question, he acknowledged that "wage growth is not
growing at the pace the President would like."

On BP settlement:

He said the White House had not reviewed all the details but was
pleased to see the deal will help repair the damage the spill caused.

On Iran:

"It's fair to say there are complicated issues left to be resolved."

He said the team in Vienna is working around the clock on a deal.

He denied the P5 + 1 partners were not on the same page.

"The P5 + 1 coalition remains united on this."

On Clinton emails:

"We were very clear that it would not be surprising if White House
officials had emailed the Secretary of State in real time."

He reiterated the rules are about retaining documents and Clinton took
the necessary steps to retain her emails.

He declined to say anything on the relationship between Clinton and
Sid Blumenthal.

On security preparations for the holiday weekend, he said there was
nothing new. He said that DHS and FBI are in contact with state and
local law enforcement "as is routine."

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