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AF1 touched down at JBA just before 5pm.

Eric Schultz gaggled early in the flight. You may already have transcript, but here are some highlights (including a few nuggets of news):

On Korean deal: "The United States welcomes the agreement reached between the Republic of Korea and North Korea yesterday." Adds the deal will support "peace and stability on the Korean peninsula."

Schultz was asked repeatedly about POTUS reference to the "crazies" during Monday evening's fundraiser. He admitted POTUS was "flip" with his language.

"After spending a few weeks away from the hustle and bustle of Washington, the president came back from vacation and was remarking with Sen. Reid on the challenges they face this fall. And he may have been a little flip in his language, but we have seen Republicans do wildly irresponsible things in the past." - he specifically mentioned the government shut down.

Schultz also denied that POTUS specifically was referring to opponents of Iran deal. - "He wasn't talking about Iran when he made that remark."

-Schultz also would not comment on who, specifically, might be crazy. He skirted questions about whether opponents of the Iran deal are crazy, and whether the Koch brothers are crazy for opposing POTUS' clean energy agenda.

He did, however, say of the Koch Bros: "They are part of the entrenched interests spending large sums of money trying to impede the progress we are making as a country."

On criticism from Gov. Scott Walker and others about Chinese president getting full state visit:

"We have high level interactions ... precisely so that we have the opportunity for the president to resolve, and if not possible, narrow, our differences with the Chinese." Schultz vowed the president will speak "candidly" about the differences between the US and China, and said he will not "pull any punches."

On Monday's lunch with VP Biden:

-Schultz wouldn't get into detail about what the two men discussed, and also refused to weigh in on whether Biden should get into the Dem presidential race.

"Those are conservations that are private and that's not going to change today," Schultz said.

On Iranian official's comments that Israel should be annihilated:

"We have said, even at the very beginning of these negotiations, even before a deal was in sight, our concerns with Iran would not fade away if the nuclear deal was reached. Those concerns include the destabilizing actions in the region, their anti-semitism, their attitude toward Israel."

On recent CBO projects, Schultz said Republicans must renew Ex-Im bank, undo sequestration and take other steps to grow the economy.

"What remains clear is we need to stay focused on this growth and avoid self inflicted wounds," Schultz said.

-Schultz said POTUS has been briefed on stock market situation but did not offer any specific comment.

-On Sen. Cotton's claim that POTUS and Harry Reid are ramming the Iran deal through Congress:

Schultz said Congress has set up its process for reviewing the deal. "If Sen Cotton has an issue with what his own colleagues agreed to, he should probably take it up with them."

-He offered no updates on the Keystone pipeline or TPP.


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