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Eric Schultz gaggled for about 13 minutes during flight, no real news. Check all quotes against transcript.

-Schultz began by touting the administration's efforts to save the auto industry.

"The American auto industry not only avoided a deeper collapse but bounced back and is stronger than ever" because of the administration's efforts.

-the president has done a lot of work on auto efficiency, Schultz says, and made it a priority.

Is POTUS disappointed by gas guzzling SUV sales?

"I do think it is important to note the auto industry remains on track" to meet its auto efficiency targets.

-'The president is encouraged by the progress these manufacturers are making."

-Flint and Gov. Snyder-

touts the administration's efforts to assist in Flint. "The president … met with the mayor yesterday and he wants to make sure we are marshaling all the resources of the federal government"

should Snyder resign?

"Our view is right now everybody should be focused on the actual problem," and goes on to tick off ways the administration is assisting:

-says the administration is disseminating public information and helping with water testing
-the CDC is on the ground
-says FEMA is there helping in Flint providing water filters and bottled water
-EPA is on the ground
-HUD is involved

"I saw the governor yesterday accepted responsibility. Clearly primary responsibility lies with local and state officials," but that won't stop the federal government from helping.

-EPA involvement and communication between local, state and federal officials: "Clearly the notification process is part of the problem here and the president is determined to figure out what went wrong, generally speaking."

-says president is disappointed something like this could happen in the greatest country one earth

-Exec order, federal contractors disclosing political contributions-

"The president has long advocated for campaign finance reform and expressed his opposition to the citizens united decision." - adds that POTUS took steps in 2009 to stop "special interest peddling" in Washington.

-Says Congress should've passed the Disclose Act. "Senate republicans banded together to block that and so for our part we are going to continue to consider actions we can take … to combat this problem."

-says the WH is confident any executive action they would take on contractors/campaign finance would be "on solid legal footing."

-Stock market tumble-

-"The president is regularly briefed on these developments … I can say more broadly the president believes our US economy continues to grow."

-again touts the auto industry and Detroit recovery as example of US economy's resilience.

-says Obama will not address Volkswagen scandal during today's remarks.


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