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Obama, now sans overcoat, debarked AF1, followed by Wilson, on her trademark hat this one of the sequined red cowboy variety, and Sanchez. They were greeted on tarmac in Miami by Gov. Rick Scott, and Carlos Gimenez,  Mayor of Miami-Dade County. Potus and Scott shook hands and chatted briefly before Obama introduced his travel mates. Pool is told Scott gave Obama a Florida Marlins baseball cap. Potus entered the limo and the congress members walked to a different vehicle in the motorcade. Another note: pooler ran into Marshall Fitz, immigration director of Center for American, who was making his inaugural trip on AF1. Pooler also saw  Javier Palomarez of the Hispanic Chamber on board as well as a woman whose name pooler did not catch who is apparently from the Export-Import Bank.
Motorcade er route to Florida International Univ. for town hall.
Note: pool is told the town hall event is embargoed until 7 pm when it airs on Telemundo on tape. Pooler is permitted to send report on quick pool spray in real time but rest of Potus event will be distributed as close to after 7 pm as logistics permit.

Motorcade passed protestors on Cuba including man holding sign,

"Freedom for Cuba. Helping Castro is a crime."

Arrived at university at 3:10 pm.

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