Fw: Travel pool #3 - motorcade/arrival/golf

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Subject: Travel pool #3 - motorcade/arrival/golf

Motorcade was rolling at 12:04 pm.

Pool spotted a very large crowd of onlookers in front of an ExxonMobil station about 20 minutes into our ride. Most were waving enthusiastically. Handful of other onlookers were spotted along the course of the route.

Motorcade arrived at the Floridian National Gold Course at 12:35 p.m.

POTUS will be playing golf here in Palm City, Florida. Partners and any other details that become available will follow.

The White House has called a lid. Pool does not anticipate news or POTUS sightings until tomorrow's departure of Air Force One.

However, the pool will hold on the grounds of the golf course until the early evening. This was the a result of a democratic vote by the pool to hold as close as possible to POTUS. (The other option was a hotel about 15 miles away.) Despite the lid, pool voted to stay on site.

Pool is holding in a maintenance shed.

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