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Travel pool report 4
May 8

On Background from a White House Official:

"Today, at the Nike headquarters in Portland, Oregon, the President
will  discuss the benefits of progressive, high-standards trade
agreements for large companies such as Nike, but also for American
small businesses. Trade is a critical part of the U.S. economy, with a
record $2.35 trillion in exports last year, supporting 11.7 million
jobs in the U.S., and Oregon has played a significant role in that
with $20 billion in exports last year, an 87 percent increase for the
state in the last decade that supported 86,157 Oregon jobs in 2014.

In addition to trade, Oregon is leading the way on a variety of
important issues, such as:

Paid leave:
Oregon is moving forward with legislation that would provide workers
an opportunity to take a paid sick day to take care of themselves or a
sick family member. The President’s Middle Class Economics agenda
recognizes paid sick leave as one of the must-haves for our national

Climate change and Environment:
Oregon has been a leader in renewable energy generation and improving
energy efficiency, and the state’s actions are a great example of the
priority President Obama has placed on addressing climate change. In
addition, local businesses including Nike, Ebay, Intel, Symantec, the
Portland Trail Blazers, and the Oregon Craft Brew Alliance have called
climate change "one of the great economic opportunities of the 21st
century,” with Nike in particular citing how climate change can impact
their supply chain and cause supply volatility,  and has taken steps
to green its facilities through efficiency and renewables. The
Trans-Pacific Partnership the President will discuss will be the
greenest trade agreement in history — protecting oceans and combating
wildlife trafficking, illegal fishing, and illegal logging across a
vast swath of the globe.  "

Steve Thomma

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