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Short motorcade route to Selma center lined with people, usual snapping of photos and waving. One banner on route read "USA's best George Bush Thanks."

POTUS is now on stage, with the dais is set with Edmund Pettus Bridge as the backdrop.

On the stage with him is First Lady Michelle Obama, President George Bush, former first lady Laura Bush and Congressman John Lewis

Governor Robert Bentley kicked off the event, he was booed by some when introduced. He went on to say "Selma changed America, Selma changed the world" and quoted Lynyrd Skynyrd song "Sweet Home Alabama."

Congresswoman Terri Sewell then gave brief remarks and praised the next speaker Congressman John Lewis as an "icon", he got a loud cheer.

Lewis said there was "still work left to be done" and recalled what happened in 1965. "Our country will never ever be the same because of what happened on this bridge." He called on Americans to "build on the legacy of the march"

POTUS up next, remarks are open press.

Local police have no estimate of crowd size as yet.

Placards in the crowd read "We need change" and "Please Stop killing us" - the latter adorned with a representation of a young black man from Tampa named Andrew Joseph.

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