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On the way to Stratton Elementary School, the President stopped in the Madison neighborhood of Nashville to pick up Kelly Bryant and take her to the event. She will introduce the president.

The motorcade came to a stop in a fairly nice neighborhood with large lawns. The Beast stopped in front of her house. The rain was steady, though lighter than it was on departure from the airport. An aide handed the president an umbrella, He walked from the street to the front door, passing the pool, most of which had no umbrella or raingear of any kind.

“Beautiful. It’s a little wet,” he said when a pooler asked how he’s enjoying Nashville.

At the front door, he said “Hey Kelly!  How are you doing?” and shared a hug. Then he escorted her back to the Beast under his umbrella at a leisurely stroll. She was doing most of the talking but it wasn’t audible.

Per the White House, Bryant is a breast cancer survivor who “wrote to the President earlier this year to relay her positive experience with the Affordable Care Act and thank him for reforming the health care system in America.”

That was about 20 minute from the airport. The event site was just a few minutes drive from Bryant’s house. A hundred of more folks were outside in the rain, mostly cheering. A couple of signs were visible: “Insure Tennessee” and “Thanks Obama”

Inside the school, blue grass music is playing. There’s a big hand-painted sign that reads “Welcome to Nashville President Obama” on dark blue with white and royal blue lettering. Big state and US flags behind the stage. About as many journalists and cameras as audience members.

More background from the White House on the event:

The crowd is comprised primarily of individuals from the Nashville area who have written to the President about the Affordable Care Act as well as doctors, nurses, other healthcare providers and leaders, and volunteers who have helped Americans get covered.

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