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Relatively uneventful 25 minute ride from airport to Macomb, other
than a number of onlookers waving at the motorcade (including what
appeared to be employees of a Toyota dealership standing in the
parking lot.)

At 2:38 we arrived at Macomb community college. First up was a tour,
and then remarks from POTUS (which will be open press).

First, the tour:

POTUS walks into a large room (what looks like a
warehouse, though it's used to conduct classes, with a good deal of machines, robots and other devices used
in auto manufacturing) at 2:46 pm.

POTUS is joined by:

Dr. Biden
Official tour guide, Holger Ekanger, Director at M-TEC for Workforce and Continuing Education, Engineering & Advanced Technology.
Jim Hielscher, head of MH Technologies (which runs classes at Macomb: >http://www.mhtechnologies.net/index.htm<)
Natalie Heacock, 20, a student at Macomb.

Philip Gates, 25, studying to be a control robotic technician

POTUS and Dr. Biden listen intently as Jim Hielscher explains what a specific machine does.

Your pooler, unfortunately, could hear virtually none of the
conversation, despite being only a few feet away. But thankfully,
POTUS turned and addressed the pool, explaining what he had just

The Macomb program, funded largely through federal grants, teaches
students the skills they need to get a job in the auto industry.

"All this equipment here which Macomb has installed is equipment that
is almost identical to what the automakers are currently using. The
automakers helped to install, design the equipment," POTUS said.

Mentions Natalie Heacock, the 20 year old student here at Macomb.
"A 10 week program is gonna allow Natalie to operate and maintain one
of these robots. Because the automakers have confidence Natalie is
getting trained really well ... She's likely to be hired."

So far, 1,400 students have come through the program.

"Macomb is a great example" of structuring job training programs
around the needs of employers. "Great example of the kind of job
training we want to replicate ... Plus Natalie is really smart," POTUS said.

President also getting a demonstration of another robot, operated by Philip Gates. Gates used the robot to write USA on a piece of paper.

POTUS then posed for a
picture with his tour guides, before telling his hosts "thank you, I'm really proud of
you" and walking out.

At about 3 pm, pool left that part of Macomb. After a seven-minute drive, we arrived at another section of the college (more onlookers waving and snapping pictures with their phones).

Outside the auditorium where POTUS will speak were protesters with signs that said, among other things:

"President Obama is no friend of Michigan"
"In Michigan we know how to balance our budget"
and other disparaging slogans.

And at 3:18 pm, pool is holding for POTUS remarks, which will be open press and streaming live.

(Also, apologies for any formatting issues with this report. It was partly written on phone, partly written on laptop).


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