Fw: Travel pool #4 -- town hall arrival, more gaggle

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Subject: Travel pool #4 -- town hall arrival, more gaggle

President and pool arrived at a fitness center on the grounds of Fort Lee shortly after 2 p.m. for the taping of a town-hall event with troops, to be aired by CNN at 9 p.m. Contents of the event are embargoed until airing. Pool is watching from a side room about 50 feet from where POTUS will sit.

More gaggle from Josh:
on Syria:
""I think that there have been serious doubts that have been raised about Russia's credibility and Secretary Kerry's statement today indicated that it's difficult to engage diplomatically with the Russians when they're not living up to the commitments that they've made in the context of previous diplomatic discussions."

"When you see the actions that they've undertaken or supported over that last couple of weeks, it raises serious doubts about whether Russia has a strategy that serves their national interests."

"Right now they appear to be pursuing a set of tactics that worsens the situation in Syria, that deepens the humanitarian tragedy that's taking place in Syria but also that increases the risk that Russia is exposed to."

"Russia's deepening their involvement in a sectarian conflict, this deepening involvement in that quagmire is not going to be in the interests of their national security"

"Our hope was that through diplomacy, we would be able to help Russia chart a path out of that quandary and in the direction of working effectively with the United States and our coalition partners to confront challenges in a way that would benefit the broader international community, but we haven't seen that kind of cooperation from the Russians and it's take a significant toll on their international credibility."

On Flint Michigan:
"In the last 36 hours or so, we've seen Leader McConnell and Speaker Ryan offer their own personal commitment to acting to provide those funds before the end of the year. That's later than we would have preferred, but we certainly welcome the commitment from the two Republican leaders. We welcome that change in position.
"The president was pleased to see this new commitment from Republicans to look out for those people in Flint that have had to suffer the consequences of the problems of the water supply.
"The commitment from Leader McConnell is a good development, hopefully they'll get that done this week."

Many thanks to co-poolers Greg Jaffe and Charlie Spiering for helping to transcribe the gaggle after short flight and quick movements.

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