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Your pooler endeavored to give you enough to satisfy your editors first go around – now here’s fodder for the stylists (or just curious).

The cells all had doors with narrow windows, almost like classroom doors.

Against the back wall (so the wall the president would have faced as he walked down the corridor) there was painted on the wall a sign for the RDAP (Residential Drug Abuse Prevention). “Together We Strive for Change” said words written around a circle, with a drawing of two hands holding each other in the center.

Below that were three of four telephones people could use, separated by little wooden pieces sticking out of the wall at shoulder to make booths of sorts. Above the phones were numbers for the Crime Stoppers hotline and for a sex assault crisis hotline.

Inside the “booths” were paintings on the wall to encourage good choices. One said “Attitude ChecK” above a picture of the house, and inside the house was written “responsible living.” Another one had a picture of a video camera, and a flow chart: “camera check” > “rational challenge” > “desired [word we think was ‘occurrence’ before it was scratched out],” along with a stop sign off to the side and text “stop and think.”

The second story of cells was open to the first, so there was a catwalk/balcony walkway ringing the middle of the building for access to those cells. One of the metal staircases had the word “integrity” painted on it.

Words were painted on the side of the walkway. On the left, in green, were things like “Discontinuity” and “Cognitive Indolence,” on the right, in red, were “Humility, Courage, Willingness.”

All the metal and concrete in the room made it very echo-prone. That, with the light shining down from the relatively narrow skylight in the gable, made one feel like being at the bottom of a cavern.

Pool did not see any inmates at all, inside or out. As noted in the gaggle, the prison made a lot of security precautions. All of the regular residents of Cell Block B were moved elsewhere during the visit.


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