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La Crosse, Wisconsin
July 2, 2015

POTUS took the stage at 1:34 p.m. There was no formal introduction.

We are in a packed, warm university gym called the Eagle Rec Center, where the crowd is loud and excited. We couldn't hear the first few things POTUS said because the applause was thunderous.

"I love you," one woman yelled out.

On one wall, there are large American and Wisconsin flags. There are some bleachers in front of them.

The stage is in the middle surrounded by gray plastic chairs. There are also some people standing on one end of the gym and upstairs looking down at him.

Remarks are open.

As motorcade arrived, we saw a group of people gathered. One man shouted "Turn to Jesus."

Senator Baldwin, Congressman Kind, and Mayor Kabat all rode with POTUS from the airport to campus.

For those wondering, Schultz did not provide a week ahead during the gaggle.

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