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Potus made an unscheduled lunchtime stop at Union Oyster House, a historic landmark and the oldest continuously operated restaurant and oyster house in the nation, established in 1716-1717, according to a plaque on the wall. The presidential limo pulled up out front of the small establishment and Potus made his way to the counter bar where he asked the bartender for ten clam chowders--or chowdahs in local parlance--to go. "We'll eat them on Air Force One," Potus said. He made a joke about the First Lady, but your pooled couldn't quite hear it. Some others in press corps thought it might be that she'd be envious to have missed out on the lunch. The room was very cramped and your poker got brushed by a live lobster being held by a waiter who was trying haplessly to squeeze back by the media crush to the bar. Fortunately the lobster's claws were bound, though your poorer is considering inquiring about hazard pay. Potus chatted with Joe Cusack, 76, and grandson Griffin, 12, who were sitting at the bar. He asked what grade Griffin is in (7th). Pool was escorted out and held on the street as Porus mingled longer. At 12:35 pm we are back in motorcade en route to airport.

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