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Kelly Bryant and President Obama walked onstage together about 1:35 pm CT.

On hand: former Sen. Bill Frist, former Republican majority leader. President Obama gives him a nice shoutout at the top and he stands.

Bryant introduced the president, recounting her bout with breast cancer, the way Healthcare.gov was a great thing for her, and how she never expected anyone, let alone the president, seeing the letter she’d written to him.

“I am living proof of a president who listens and cares about the American people,” she said.

Obama joked that Bryant might be the first person ever picked by a presidential motorcade. “We said we might as well swing by and get her.”

He shucked his jacket, though it isn’t especially warm in the school cafeteria/auditorium. And as he spoke he rolled up his sleeves.

“Not only are 16 million people getting health insurance who didn’t have it before, Obama said, ticking off that and other benefits, “it’s actually ended up costing less than people expected.... I'm feeling pretty good about how health care is going."

He notes that Tennessee won a $65 million grant for innovation in health care.

More to come.

Natoma also is at the event and Obama tells her story, too.


And note that @Potus will be doing a Twitter Q&A after this event and before leaving Nashville.

Crowd count is 150, per Dennis Neal, director of facility and grounds department for metro Nashville public schools. That looks about right and the final audience clearly outnumbers media.

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