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Shirt sleeves rolled up and without a jacket,  POTUS led across the bridge a group that included the First Family along with Marian Robinson, former president Bush (43) former first lady Laura Bush, some of the original foot soldiers from 1965, faith leaders, and a handful of elected officials.

Hunter Biden and his daughter were there also, Eric Holder, his wife, Susan Rice. Unfortunately we don't have a full list.

As they began, president Bush looking across at Obama joked: "Tell him he's walking too fast."

The group of more than 50 plodded slowly along the asphalt arm-in-arm and sang "Keep your eyes on the prize." They passed under the girders and above the Alabama River. The President and first lady joined in the singing.

Around half way the group stopped to listen to Congressman John Lewis' recount the events of March 7 1965 as the President and First Lady listened attentively . Unfortunately much of the exchange could not be heard.

They walked a little while longer passing under the famous raised bold lettering "EDMUND PETTUS BRIDGE"

As the walk ended, POTUS spoke to Amelia Boynton Robinson, who was in a wheel chair, cracking a joke about the 103-year-old's longevity, he then turned to the group and said "what an extraordinary honor this has been, especially to have Sasha and Malia here."

He later had a brief tour of the National Voting Rights Museum led by volunteer, Felicia Pettway.

The space holds black and white photos of events on the bridge, artifacts belonging to the protestors and original voters' rights campaign material. The pool was then ushered away and POTUS was due to tape an interview with CBS' Bill Plante.

Andrew Beatty

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