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Just before 7pm local time, pool was escorted out of the garage to the other side of the house (which more accurately can be described as a compound; it took several minutes to walk down the sidewalk to the other side of the house).

Quick background on fundraiser, according to state Democratic party:

On Monday, August 24, President Obama attended a fundraiser with Nevada Senator Harry Reid for Catherine Cortez Masto for Senate and the Nevada State Democratic Party. It was hosted at the home of Brian and Myra Greenspun with approximately 104 attendees. Contributions ranged up to $33,400 and the event raised over $300,000.

POTUS spoke for about 13 minutes, standing in front of a spiral staircase in a large dining room.

As always, check quotes against transcript:

"It's hard for me to express how much I love Harry Reid ... We were doing a little reminiscing and then figuring out how we're going to deal with the crazies in terms of managing some problems. And then we talked about riding off into the sunset together. Everything I've accomplished I've accomplished because Harry Reid was there by my side."

-he then praised Catherine Cortez Mastro: "She's the kind of person with a track record of integrity … that we want in the United States senate. And I think this will be a lasting part of what is already an incredible legacy of leadership in the United States Senate."

POTUS said the economy has bounced back economically but blamed Congress for holding the country back.

"The economy is stronger, the housing market is stronger, people are seeing job creation again. But what we also know is that the potential of America is so much greater than what is currently being realized and part of the reason is we have a political system that is holding us back. Right now, we could be putting hundreds of thousands of people back to work rebuilding the infra of this country and yet we have a Congress that finances our highway bill for 3 months at a time. That's not what the greatest country on earth does."

"We've got enormous challenges around the world but the fact is since I came into office not only have we been able to wind down two wars, take out bin Laden, but, often without fanfare, we've saved millions of lives because of initiatives to stop malaria, we've provided billions of dollars in new initiatives to help develop the poorest countries in the world."

POTUS also said Congress must not block the Iran nuclear deal — a remark that drew big applause from the crowd.

"The world is counting on us for leadership around the world," POTUS said.

"Democrats govern. Democrats are willing to do things that are hard."

-Pool was then escorted out as POTUS took a few questions. Pool once again holding in the garage.


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