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La Crosse, Wisconsin
July 2, 2015

POTUS has wrapped up his remarks and your pool is waiting in the vans.

Additional details on the room. Behind POTUS was a very large blue sign that said: "Middle Class Economics." A young man sitting behind him was wearing a 2008 campaign T-shirt.

If you couldn't tell, this was one enthusiastic crowd or as POTUS said a fired up" crowd.  They applauded loudly and interrupted him several times. It felt like a campaign rally.

Crowd Count: 2399
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A few details from local pooler, Chris Hubbuch of the La Crosse Tribune:

With 10,664 students, UW-L is the seventh largest of the 14 UW system schools.

Obama is the first sitting president in  La Crosse since George W. Bush visited the city in 2004.

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