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Air Force One landed at Andrews at 4:24 p.m.

Eric Schultz gaggled en route to Washington for slightly less than 20 minutes. You should have a complete transcript by now, but here are some highlights:

On Iran:
The president has spoken to Boehner and intends to speak to the rest of the top four congressional leaders sometime today, and was continuing to make calls on the flight back to Washington today.
"It is the president's aim to speak to all four." White House intends to set up more detailed meetings with lawmakers down the road.
On Rouhani's portrayal of the deal as "a new relationship with the world":
"The Iranians are in a spot where they need to sell this deal to the population there. For us, this was a deal about the Iranians' nuclear program -- full stop. That's what the negotiations were about. The concerns we have with Iran outside of the nuclear program remain just as vibrant as they were yesterday and they are today. We continue to have serious concerns about Iran, including possible support of terrorism, including destabilizing the region and also Americans detained there."
On Netanyahu's reaction:
"We understand his position. The president would never sign on to a deal that he felt was a threat to the state of Israel."
On reaction from GOP:
"I did see some ratcheted-up rhetoric on the fringes, but I actually think that most of the response here we found reassuring. Both Republicans and Democrats alike have shown a thoughtful response, they want to take a look at the details. That's something we appreciate." also found "heartening" response from scientists and experts. "They feel very comfortable with this deal. That was one of the directives that the president passed on in these negotiations, which is he would not accept a deal unless he was reassured by the scientists that this would end Iran's pathway to a nuclear weapon and that's what we were able to accomplish."
On the mood at the White House about the deal: "The president feels good. The president feels that thanks to the tireless effort of our negotiators in Switzerland, of course led by Secretary Kerry but joined by a robust team of the best negotiators in the world, that we were able to strike a historic deal, one that will eliminate Iran's path to a nuclear weapon."

Week ahead:
Monday, Easter Egg roll.
Tuesday, Easter prayer breakfast at the White House.
Wednesday, departs for Jamaica.
Thursday, bilateral meeting with Jamaican Prime Minister a meeting with Caribbean community leaders. Also takes part in a town-hall with young leaders and depart in the evening to Panama.
Friday, attending bilateral meeting with President of Panama, and attends the Summit of the Americas CEO forum.
Saturday, attending the Summit of Americas events. Participate in a press conference before departing for Washington.

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