Fw: Travel pool 6/Obama; "We're monitoring the situation" in Mali... bilat spray.

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Subject: Travel pool 6/Obama; "We're monitoring the situation" in Mali... bilat spray.

Potus and Malaysian PM Najib Razak met for an hour in a conference room. Pool was let in at around 8 p.m. Susan Rice, Ben Rhodes, Josh Earnest, Michael Froman and Carolyn Atkinson were among the US delegation. The two leaders said they discussed counter-terrorism, the TPP trade deal, the South China Sea and climate change.

Obama responded to a shouted question from your pool about the unfolding events in Mali by saying: "We're monitoring the situation."

Here are some of their remarks on counter-terrorism and the fight against the Islamic State. Your pool will send more quotes later. After the remarks, the motorcade went to the Potus hotel and we have a lid.


"We have developed a very strong relationship around counter-terrorism-Malaysia, like Indonesia, are majority Muslim countries that represent tolerance and peace and as a consequence it’s voice is critical in the debate taking place internationally around terrorism. Malaysia is part of the coalition to fight ISIL and has been particularly helpful on issues like countering the destructive and perverse narrative that’s developed. Malaysia’s willingness to host a center that uses all the tools of social media and scholars and clerics to counter this violent narrative is extremely useful."


"We have a very similar position in terms of combating violent extremeism and we both agreed we need to work closely together to make this region safer. This region is not immune from threats of violent extremism and there are groups that have announced they are aligned with IS. Malaysia’s government is very clear we are against IS, against the ideology. It is evil. It is against Islam. It is a perversion of Islam, and they do not represent us. We will work very closely together with the United States and likeminded countries to make this region safer and combat any form of violent extremism. WE’ve also agreed to make Malaysia a long-term center for counter messaging. In fighting violent extremism, t’s not just only a military solution that’s required."


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