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Subject: Travel pool #6 -- remarks to troops

After the CNN town-hall taping, President Obama spoke to about 550 troops at Fort Lee, at a different rec center on the base.
He said he had no big speech, "just wanted to come by and shake some hands."
"here at this post, you are part of a tradition of service that stretches back nearly 100 years."
"Fort Lee, Happy 100th Birthday."
"a chance for me to pay tribute to the vital work you're doing every single day."
"There's an old saying amateurs talk about tactics, professionals talk about logistics."
"We salute the folks who handle the ordinance, a line of work where you need some steady hands. We salute all the quartermasters."
"I've now served as the president for almost eight  years. Of all the privileges of this office, there's been no greater privilege, no greater honor, than serving as commander-in-chief of the finest military in the world."
"We have the strongest military because we have the best people. You inspire me and Michelle and the American people. I just want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart."
"Serving is not always the most lucrative, but you dedicated yourself to something bigger than yourself. I want to thank you for your devotion. Our nation has asked a lot of this generation. You've done your duty again and again."
"You've earned your place among the greatest of generations."
We must support you when you come home from war.
"sometimes especially during election season, the country seems divided. You're unified in your mission. You do your job. You look out for each other. You remind us we're one team, we're one nation, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. That's what you stand for."

Dave Boyer
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The Washington Times
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