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Uneventful motorcade to airport at Selma and helo from Selma to Maxwell, where it is a glorious evening.

President and First Family disembarked Marine One and borded Air Force One at 1739 CT.

At 17:44 CT we are taxxing, bound for Joint Base Andrews.

Ps one further POTUS remark to group on bridge "keep us in your prayers".

Some notes below from White House.

Women in wheelchairs on bridge were

Adelaide Sanford
Amelie Boynton

Also from WH

"National Voting Rights Museum and Institute

The National Voting Rights Museum and Institute was established in 1990 to collect, present and preserve the stories of the citizens who worked to secure the right to vote. The museum is located at the foot of the Edmund Pettus Bridge, where the 1965 “Bloody Sunday” march from Selma to Montgomery in support of voting rights took place.

The museum hosts research forums and living history projects, and houses many important artifacts and materials, including the following items on display:

1)    Marie Foster’s dress: One of the “Courageous Eight,” Foster led the Dallas County Voters League in their efforts to register African-Americans to vote. She wore the dress at the March 7, 1965 “Bloody Sunday” march in Selma.

2)    Marie Foster’s vest: A vest worn by Foster in the 1960s, which bears the signatures of many prominent civil rights leaders.

3)    Literacy Test: A copy of a 1960s Alabama literacy test, which includes questions intended to keep African-Americans from voting.

4)    Church Bell:  The damaged bell from a Selma church that was burned during the voting rights movement.

5)    Print: An advertisement from the 1960s with the phrase “Hands that picked cotton are hands that can vote,” encouraging and empowering people to vote.

6)    Framed photograph: A photograph from the early days of the National Voting Rights Museum showing a wall with hundreds of written memories from visitors. "@

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