Fw: Travel pool #7 -- fundraiser departure, dinner in Greenwich Village

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The DNC event was held on E. 94 Street between 5th Avenue and Madison Avenue. The block is a tree-lined steeet full of well-kept 4-5 story townhouses and apartments.

POTUS spent more than an hour inside what appeared to be a private residence. Pool did not spot the president.

Motorcade was on the move at 8:15 pm. Again, onlookers gathered along E. 95th and E. 96th steeets.

Uneventful motorcade ride south on FDR Drive to lower Manhattan and back north on West Street. Crowds of onlookers gathered along West Street.

Once motorcade pulled onto Bleeker Street, crowds seemed largely indifferent to the presence of a presidential motorcade, all things considered.

The motorcade arrived in Greenwich Village at 8:42 pm.

From the White House: "The President, Malia, Sasha and friends are having dinner at Carbone"

Pool is holding in a tavern.

(Pool mistakenly called it the FDR Parkway instead of FDR Drive in an earlier report. Apologies.)

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