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Those purple T-shirts like the ones worn by Davy Crockett say “Insure Tennessee Now!” by the way. Several folks in the crowd wore those.

As the crowd filed out, the president was doing his Twitter Q&A and your pool was shagging a few quotes.

Former Sen. Bill Frist: “The president’s message today was affordable access to health care is the responsibility of our both government and community. He also stressed that every state needs to decide for themselves what is best for them. We have a Republican governor that has made a very strong proposal I believe, and now a legislature which will hopefully continue to address that. His third point was that public opinion makes a difference, and education. And hopefully we’ll see education and public opinion sway, to ensure that affordable access. That was the message that I received today and we have a lot of work to do to accomplish that.”

Did Obama’s appearance move public opinion in Tennessee?

Frist: “This is the best of America, where the president of the United States of America comes down and in a very very rational way makes the case for affordable access for every American, with responsibility relying with the state… Will it change public opinion? I’m not sure…. Everybody here in the room agrees to that and hopefully more and more Tennesseans will.”

Nashville Mayor Karl Dean: “Obviously because of the energy that was generated by last week’s Supreme Court decision, people are anxious to hear from him and it was good that he decided to speak about this issue here in Nashville.” With the court ruling to uphold the ACA, state legislators who had resisted opting in based on uncertainty over the Supreme Court no longer have that reason. “He clearly understands that this is a state issue and that he is respectful of that.”

State Sen. Jeff Yarbro of Nashville, chairman of the Democratic Caucus: “The president was right on today. What he told us here in Tennessee is to work together in a commonsense way to solve the problem. Doesn’t have to be the way that he would solve it. Doesn’t have to be the way that some other state would do it. But we have people that are uninsured in Tennessee and we have to find a commonsense way to get them covered,” he said.

Pool heading to the vans for 20-minute ride back to the Nashville airport.

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