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Here are some of Mr. Obama's remarks in Louisville, please check against official transcript.
He addressed several dozen employees at InDatus in a conference-style room with duct work overhead and a bare brick wall on one said.
"Sorry I'm late, I had a couple of things I had to do." Spoke about his national security duties briefly in passing but did not specifically mention Iran or the nuclear deal.
"What's happening here [in Louisville] is essential to America, and we want to lift it up."
talked about the economic recovery, how tech jobs pay better than the average job. "That's the idea behind a new initiative of ours called Tech Hire."
"We want more places to follow Kentucky's example. We should invest in what works. The budget I sent to Congress includes these priorities."
"There's going to be a big debate coming up in Congress around the budget."
Republicans budget "provides tax cuts to folks like me, but it would cut job training. That's just not the right way for us to plan.."
Economic momentum can stall.
"The economies in Europe are weak, the economies in Asia are weak. We've got to stay hungry. We can't prioritize tax cuts for the folks at the very top and sacrifice" job-training efforts.
Republicans are trying to pass "a new deficit-busting" repeal on estate taxes.
"That's just not the way we're going to build an economy that strengthens our middle class."
"Our economy works best when everybody has a stake and everybody's getting ahead. And by the way, when that happens, businesses do well because they get more customers."
Remarks lasted about 10 minutes.

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The Washington Times


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