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POTUS spoke for approximately 20 minutes at the DNC LGBT gala.

Some highlights below. Please check against transcript.

POTUS began by speaking about change and cynicism, as he often does. He said that time after time cynics said change was "too messy.""... But the "cynics were wrong."

He got big cheers and applause when he said that, "Tonight we live in an America where 'Don't Ask Don't Tell' is something that don't exist."

And that we live in an America "where marriage is equal."

He also used the opportunity before an adoring crowd to tick off some of his accomplishments.

Without using Mitt Romney's name, he teased that the 2012 Republican nominee
"wanted to bring unemployment to 6 percent by the end of next year" But said it's at 5.1 percent now.

"We were told Obamacare would kill jobs, explode the deficit, destroy freedom. Today we see 66 consecutive months of private sector job growth, a streak that happened to begin when I signed Obamacare into law," he said.

He said the administration has made "Incredible progress when it comes to climate change."

But he mused "you wouldn't know this if you listened to the bus load of republicans" vying for his job.

He also joked that Republicans believe the years preceding his administration were the golden years and "then I came in and messed it all up."

And quipped that people have "Gotta give these guys credit for chutzpah."

He said the "good news" is Republicans won't use marriage equality as a wedge issue "because the country has come too far."

"We believe that these changes have been for the better...With change comes some unease," he said, adding that there are "Still parts of the country that are getting there but it's going to take some time."

Says Dems are "right on most policy issues."

Wrapped up by saying that "hope wins out."

Special thanks to the NYT's Gardiner Harris for the assist.

Pool is holding in the basement of Gotham Hall.

Amie Parnes
Senior White House Correspondent
The Hill

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