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Travel Pool Report 8

Air Force One landed at the Watertown Regional Airport in Watertown,
South Dakota, at 4:28 pm CDT.

Eric Schultz gaggled en route. In case you don't yet have a
transcript, here are some of the points he covered. Check quotes
against transcript.

On the divisions in his party on trade:
"The president is the first to admit that this is a difficult and
challenging issue for Democrats, that given the history of past trade
deals not living up to the hype, that it's been difficult to

On Obama"s lobbying for trade promotion authority:
"The president is engaged in both one on one conversations but also
making a pitch Ina broader scale. That includes events like today at
Nike. That includes interviews he's done. That includes roundtables.
That also includes members, both private conversations one on one,
conversations that include briefings that senior administration
officials have done on the hill."

On Cameron:
He said White House would have readout later of Obama congratulations
call to Davis Cameron.

On next week's meeting in DC and at Camp Davis with gulf state leaders:
"I think specifically discussions will look at seeking common
approaches from all of these countries on resolving conflicts in Iraq,
Libya, Syria and Yemen.
"This is also an opportunity to reaffirm the U.S. strategic
partnership with the gulf states, our shared concern about Iran's
destabilizing activities in the region and our mutual commitment to
take steps necessary to enhance stability in the gulf and de-escalate
tensions there."

On the cease fire in Yemen to allow humanitarian aid:
"This cease fire and humanitarian pause is conditioned on the Houthis
agreeing to honor the same commitments as all parties. It is also
conditioned upon the understanding that neither party should exploit
this humanitarian pause by taking violent action or repositioning
troops to achieve military advantage."

On whether Obama might now make it a goal to visit all US territories
with Friday's visit to his 50 state as president:
No travel plans to announce.

Steve Thomma

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