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Principal Deputy Press Secretary Eric Schultz gaggled on Air Force One en route back to Washington for about 16 minutes.

He announced some presidential travel next week:

On Tuesday, July 21, Obama will travel to Pittsburgh, PA, to address the Veterans of Foreign Wars national convention. More details to come later.

No new info on shootings in Chattanooga, Obama will “continue to receive updates.”

On the ongoing effort to sell the Iran deal

“The administration believes the more you learn about this deal… the more you support it.”

“That’s why our outreach to Congress starts at the top” with Obama making calls.

No new White House briefings for members of Congress to read out but “I would not be surprised if members are receiving briefings either on their turf or ours.”

A couple questions about Corker comments that going to UN Security Council  before Congress has a chance to weigh in is an “affront,” and whether a resolution would bind US under international law:

-          “We should be clear about the sequencing here. We are sending the draft version of the deal to the Security Council immediately for its review, and we hope for a quick endorsement….We should make clear tha thte security council does not lessen the importance of Congress or its review” of the deal.

-          “We will not begin implementation of the plan until after the Congressional review period is over.”

-          “There is nothing in the Security Council resolution that requires the U.S. to implement the agreement.”

Asked about possible executive actions related to criminal justice reform, Schultz said there was nothing new to announce or preview. “In the president’s view, this is going to take an all of government approach”

More on prison visit:

-          Roundtable with prisoners was about 35 minutes, 6 nonviolent drug offenders, they shared their “personal stories”

-          “On a topic that is driven so much by data and statistics and social science, it was good to put a name and a face to a lot of the stories that we hear.”

-          “These are the stories that move him, in addition to the sort of macro political science that suggests the need for reform.”

-          No demographic info available, but group was “diverse”

-          “The reason the president chose El Reno is because…. the population is very illustrative of the prison population at large.”

-          Only cells the president saw were the ones pool observed.

-          “The facility took a lot of precautions to permit this visit… there were a unique set of circumstances security and otherwise that were taken into account.”

Scheduling: Updates on president’s schedule for tomorrow coming later, but he will be in Washington

(Those looking for report 7 should see the one by the excellent Peter Baker, who kindly sent the note to give your pooler time to file to her own publication.)


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