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Wheels down at Tinker Air Force base at 8:22 pm local time, with the sun setting directly over the Oklahoma City skyline.

Obama bounded out of the plane at 8:33.

Greeters included:
-Lt. General Lee Levy, Commander, Air Force Sustainment Center
-Col. Stephanie Wilson, Wing CommanDr, Tinker AFB
-OK Gov. Mary Fallin
-Wade Fallin

Obama kissed Gov. Fallin on the cheek and they talked for a minute before Obama headed to the rope line-- which included many Airmen (who have informed your pool that "Airwomen" is not a term) in camo uniforms, taking selfies with the commander in chief.

There was also a baby-holding before the pool was ushered into vans at 8:39. Motorcade is rolling at 8:44.

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