Fw: Travel pool no 4 - helo trip, arrival Bronx

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Helos landed at 12:28 pm at  Harris Field in the Bronx. Your pool was
unable to see POTUS exiting his helo.

Short motorcade trip to MBK event at Lehman College in the Bronx.
Arrived here at 12:35. Crowd of onlookers cheered "O-ba-ma, O-ba-ma"
as we entered event site.  Pool holding at back of hall, waiting for
pool spray at bottom ofPOTUS  roundtable discussion with young people,
then public event.

More gaggle bits, courtesy of Maya:

Post presidency and the Alliance: I wouldn't make that commitment...
Potus will "continue to be involved in thes issues" but at this point
I would not commit to any sort of involvement by the former president
directly in the day to day activities of the MbK alliance..

Texas : president informed last night and asked to be kept up to date
on the general details of the investigation. President is in touch
with team about the ongoing investigation into this incident

Linda Feldmann

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