Fw: Travel pool No 7 -- pool spray at bottom of round table

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Subject: Travel pool No 7 -- pool spray at bottom of round table

Pool escorted into roundtable venue at about 2;30.

POTUS spoke highly of the efforts of the young men around the table to
lead productive lives. To right of POTUS, Joe Echevarria, had of the
MBK Alliance. To his left, Scott Davis, a student at Lehman College.

POTUS remarks (check against transcript): "If you have any doubt about
the future of America, you need to get to know these young men."

POTUS discussed the tough circumstances some had grown up in --
getting stopped by police, and "put on the ground for now reason."

"Schools don't seem invested in their success."

"These guys are succeeding.." have mentors, opportunities for
community service, getting involved in community."

"They have a lot to say, and what they say is powerful."

POTUS gave a shoutout to John Legend, who was at the table. Noted
Legend's involvement in My Brother's Keeper, and also working to
reform the criminal justice system.

"I'm very excited about what we can get done."

Linda Feldmann

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