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July 26, 2015

President Obama left the Kepinski hotel at 11am.

Streets were cleared. ‎Motorcade arrived at LZ 2 minutes later. A crowd of a couple hundred people had gathered on a small, grassy hill along the periphery of the field of helos.

Pool did not see POTUS. Pool helo was wheels up at 11:09am.

Marine One was wheels ‎down at Kenyatta University LZ at 11:20am.

Hundreds of people were clustered at the fence along the field where POTUS landed. Some of them had climbed a tree in hopes of seeing him better.

POTUS exited Marine One at 11:23am. He turned toward the crowd, which was several hundred feet away, and waved several times. The crowd erupted in cheers and people waved back. Should be good images from it.

Mr. Obama was exited Marine One wit‎h his half-sister Auma. They walked to the presidential limo a few yards away.

Motorcade was rolling at 11:26am.

Carol Lee
The Wall Street Journal

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