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President Obama entered the party tent at 6:52 pm local time. According to a Democratic source, 70 people attended, paying as much as $33,400 to attend. There were several teens - including two on what was clearly a date - and babies, who presumably did not pay that much. Unless somebody has a wicked allowance.

Kirk Rudy gave some quick opening remarks praising Obama "to be inspired by someone for so long, is really special. I just can't begin to thank you enough for being that inspiration or us," Rudy said.

It appears that Obama accidentally announced that one of the Rudy's children is getting married. "oh was that not public. You gotta warn me. Put me in front of a mic and I'll put all your business out there," Obama said to nervous laughter.

"When I go to any city, I always say I love the city. But I really love Austin," Obama said.

In his remarkably brief remarks, Obama largely stuck to his standard talking points, ticking off the accomplishments of his administration on social and economic issues. "I keep a checklist in my desk from back in 2007, 2008. And we're batting about 80%," Obama said.

The breakdown in the operation of government has produced "troubling politics. But I'm here to tell you that during my travels the last 7 and half years ... the American people themselves, what they do, how they operate, how they treat each other, we're solid. We're in a good place," Obama said.

"It's our job to make sure the goodness of the American people syncs up with our politics."

Obama said he is hopeful Democrats will have a good election, including electing a new president. "I believe we will take back the united states senate, I think we'll make real progress in the House," Obama said.

"I feel greatly encouraged right now ... I've seen what's possible. I've seen what we're able to do. And I think when people step back and get some perspective, they'll say 'we did good.'"

The pool is now back holding in the garage

John Stanton
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