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Leaders started filing into the blue-carpeted lobby of the convention center at 2:20pm for the traditional family photo.

Facing the risers where they stood, POTUS was in second row, second in from the left. Raul Castro was in front row, second in from the right.‎ Mr. Castro entered at 2:21pm. Most leaders were there by then. Obama arrived at 2:22. Pool saw no interaction between the two leaders.‎‎

President Fernandez of Argentina was standing in front of POTUS. She turned around to look at him. He looked at her. She extended her hand, and they shook hands.

The leaders, including POTUS, waved. ‎Mr. Castro pumped his left fist.

Someone near the pool yelled something in Spanish about dissidents. Mr. Castro ‎cupped both his ears to hear what was being said. His staff started to pull him away. He turned and waved.

Meanwhile, as pool sat on the carpet holding for the photo, Secret Service Director Joseph Clancy walked by.

Holding for the next event.

Carol Lee
The Wall Street Journal

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