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The president's motorcade drove a few blocks from the sea wall and made an unscheduled stop, where Obama met 2011 Iditarod champion John Baker.

Baker immediately presented the president with a Team Baker hat and jacket. The president put on the black baseball cap and shed his own jacket in favor of the black Team Baker jacket. "Now I'm official," Obama said.

Standing near Baker's kennel, the president was introduced to two puppies -- Feather and Moose.

Baker told Obama that the puppies can start training when they're six months old. Obama immediately grabbed one of the baby Huskies, petting the pup and offering reassurances.

"Sweetie, you're OK, sweetie," Obama told the Feather, who appeared mildly confused.

Sadly, the puppies were not shared with the pool.

Obama continued to hold the puppy as he and Baker walked a couple yards over to look at a dog sled. Obama, Baker and the puppy handlers posed for a picture with the dogs.

The president asked a steady stream of questions about how many dogs are on a sled (16, in case you're curious), how big the dogs get and how long the race is.

As the pool was herded out, Obama hopped on the sled, trying it on for size.

The motorcade rolled at 8:46 p.m. and arrived at the airport three minutes later.

At 9 p.m., Air Force One is departing Kotzebue for Anchorage.

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