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President Obama's motorcade departed the East-West Center at 4:03 p.m. and arrived at the Honolulu Zoo 12 minutes later.

The president, his daughters, his sister and his nieces all ventured to the zoo during this busy afternoon of excursions.

The pool caught up to the president and his family as they strolled toward the ring-tailed lemurs and the howler monkeys. Your pooler was focused on observing the First Family in their not-so-natural habitat and can offer few details about the animals we saw.

Obama, wearing sunglasses, a Nike polo shirt and jeans was walking hand-in-hand with daughter Malia, who was wearing short overalls and a ball cap.

They chatted as they walked, enjoying the warm afternoon and in no hurry as they made their way along the path.

As he approached the pool, Obama said, "Hey guys, sorry we've got to go home." The pool shared a moment of commiseration with the president.

He quickly resumed his conversation with Malia and strolled away. Sasha, in a striped t-shirt and leggings walked with her cousins.

When the family stopped to look at the lemurs, Obama picked up a young girl who was part of the group so that she could have a better view. The president and his family lingered for a few minutes before heading toward the howler monkeys.

With that, the pool's five-minute zoo excursion concluded. The president and family continue to explore the exhibits.

One other note:
A White House official sends along this detail from the East-West Center:
The president was visiting the East-West Center to see the site of his mother's memorial service.

Pool is now holding on the mini-bus.

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